Mermaid Tales Wine Room


Extensive Selection of Wines, Champagne, Glasses & Barware

Mermaid Tales Wine Room Books & Tasting Accessories

Mermaid Tales Wine Room will Feature a Wine of the Week

 Our new location has come with a few slight changes. We will offer a taste of our selected "Wine of the Week" which will be one red and one white. We do still carry the Avenue Sea Favorites.

The New Mermaid Tales Wine Room

Assortment of Wines, Champagnes & Bar Accessories

Barware, Ice Buckets, Beverages & More

Wine Tastings w/ Shawn Walsh, Premier Beverage ROCK!

Gatsby Themed Wine Tasting w/ "Jay & Daisy"




Avenue Sea

"Visiting Avenue Sea in downtown Panama City is visual therapy!"

~Linda H.


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